Monday, 20 May 2013

Only one way to wear a Brazilian bikini - Proudly

Back home in Malaysia, there are some women who are too shy to wear bikinis.

I remember having a conversation with a friend from Colombia. We were just talking about beaches and cultures in general.

I was telling him about Malaysian culture; how there are some women who cover up, even at beaches, due to their religious beliefs. And then, there are other women who also choose to cover up, not because of religous believes but because they are too self concious about their bodies.

To which my friend Simon responded, "Well, in Colombia, ALL WOMEN wear bikinis. If someone doesn't wear a bikini, they are bad". I never really clarified what he meant by 'bad'... but with him being a 30-something year old Colombian, I would assume that if he had his way, ALL women would wear nothing but bikinis all the time (Hehe). Especially since typical Colombian women look like these lovely ladies below:

Before I lived in Brazil, I was one of those women who felt extremely self concious about my body.  When wearing a bikini, I would cover up (see picture below).

I remember the very first time I hung out on a Brazilian beach. It was Copacabana beach and I was with my buddy Daigo. We had just picked out a spot, planted our umbrella and were settling in.

And that's when I saw HER.

My jaw dropped and I did a double take.
I'm sure all of us (to a certain extent) are familiar that Brazilian bikinis are probably some of the sexiest in the world, but to see this in the flesh still very was surprising.

Walking along the beach, you'll see this..

Women, of all shapes, sizes and ages were wearing bikinis and being completely relaxed and comfortable in their bodies. Some were skinny, others were not. Some were voluptuous with big butts, wearing teeny-tiny bikinis and displaying their curves proudly.

You will see everything from this..

To this.. 

In Brazil, all women wear bikinis at the beach and you will be the odd one out if you wear a one-piece bathing suit (or a t-shirt and shorts). I saw 60-year old ladies sun bathing in bikinis. And even big women were not the least bit self-concious. If you think you're fat (which I always do) you will find other women more full-figured than you, wearing a bikini and looking fabulous. 

That day, I learnt why Brazilian women are considered to be some of the most beautiful women on earth. They are confident and proud.

Just yesterday I Googled 'Brazilian woman' and this is one of the first few pictures to pop up.

This woman is GORGEOUS. She is not super skinny. Nor does she have the perfect facial features of Gisele Bündchen. But she is confident and proud and oozes sensuality. And that, in my humble opinion is what makes a woman stand out.

Having lived in São Paulo for some time, I may have picked up a habit or 2. I am no longer self-concious whenever I wear bikinis. I have a few dozen in my wardrobe which I looove wearing.

This picture below was taken recently.

After seeing with my own eyes how some Brazilian women who are more full-figured and curvaceous than me can look like Goddesses wearing teeny tiny bikinis, I started to believe that I could look decent too. Once I believed it on the inside, it started showing on the outside. And others started believing it in too.

So to all my liberal girl pals, wear your bikinis proudly and shine like the beach goddesses that you are! ;)