Sunday, 30 June 2013

Reverse Retail Theraphy in Langkawi

This weekend I headed to Langkawi for some 'reverse retail theraphy'.

Instead of BUYING something from retail, my business partner and I sought out to SELL something to these retail stores.

More specifically, we visited every 5-star and 6-star resort in Langkawi. We headed to the gift store or boutique of these hotel lobbies, with some bikini samples to show, and discussed the possibility and their interest in carrying Liquido bikinis in their store.

We visited about 6 resorts. The resort with the most jaw dropping factor has got to be Four Seasons Langkawi, cuz the hotel was stunningly beautiful.

Anything I say or write will never do justice to how stunning the place way, so I will let the pictures do the talking.

The front entrance

The view as you enter

First Courtyard

The torches and coal will be lit up once darkness falls

Heading towards the reception

Front desk and check in

I feel like I'm in a mediterranean palace!

Once past the reception and check-in counter, you will reach the hotel grounds which (again) looks like part of an incredibly wealthy, mediterranean Sultan's palace.

Reception Area

Also part of the reception area

The gift store which will be a prefect place for Liquido Bikinis!
The hotel gardens just before the beach

View of the main building from the gardens

One of the many courtyards

Off to the beach we go!

Private dining for two
The picture above is interesting. You can make special arrangements to have a private dinner for 2 on the beach. The price per person is RM650++. For that price, you get a personal, private, full-service crew (Waiter, Chef & Assistant) and an extensive menu which includes lobster.

Below are the pictures of the breath takingly beautiful beach of the Four Seasons Langkawi, which faces the Andaman Sea.

Close to the spot of the private dinner for 2 is a private BBQ pit. This BBQ is part of the dinner for 2. After your dinner, you are ushered to the BBQ pit, where you will be served hot drinks and given marshmallows to cook, while you and your partner chat/ cuddle and enjoy your time together, facing the Andaman sea.

Private BBQ for two
It was quite impressive. Chua and I discussed if RM650++ per person was worth the experience of dinner on the beach with a full service crew and the exceptional menu. I came down to the conclusion that it probably was... Heck, if you could afford it, why not.

Below is a picture of me. I look drunk... probably drunk off the beauty of my surroundings!
Happy Nadz :)
We decided to just spend more time walking along the beach and soaking up our surroundings.

The sand and sea between my toes

Hotel dining
 We stumbled upon the adult pool area...

It had an infinity pool which faces the sea...

 So we decided to stay for a bit and watch the sunset..

One word. GORGEOUS!

Friday, 21 June 2013

New stuff

After delivering the Liquido Fitness pieces to Zalora last week, I finally got round to sorting out the beach wear.

I looked through ALL the bikinis and wraps and had to figure out which ones I wanted to deliver to Langkawi and which ones to sell on my website.

It's done and the pieces that I want to sell in Langkawi has been packed and ready to be brought to Langkawi next week. (See below!)

Boxes full of bikinis!

Some of the new 2 piece bikini that I will be selling on my website is as below:

RM 179.00

RM 250.00
 The ones below will also be sold on my website, the photos below are taken from various photoshoots:

Same bikini as above, different shot
You can email me directly at if you can't wait to get your hands on these lovely pieces. We ship to anywhere, be it Malaysia, Singapore or any where in the world.

Otherwise, stick around and visit my website next week ( The new pieces will be uploaded and ready to be sold by then.

Till then, take care and have a good weekend!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

20 cents that sparked the Brazilian Revolution

On 2 June 2013, the mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad increased the bus fares from R$3 (US$ 1.41) to R$3.20 (US$ 1.51).  Trips by the subway (Metro and CPTM trains) were also adjusted by São Paulo's Governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) - also from R$3 to R$3.20.

In the coming days after the increase of the fares, there were several protest held  in the city of São Paulo. On 14 June 2013, an article was released by the local daily newspaper, Folha de São Paulo. Here's a snippet from the article;

"The Military Police toughened the crackdown on protesters, assaulted journalists, left pedestrians and drivers trapped by tear gas and rubber shots, and the fourth demonstration against the rise in public transportation fares again brought panic and violence to the center of São Paulo."

(Link to the full article can be found here:

Local media depicts  the protestors as violent, but personal friends that were part of the protest have informed that the protests were peaceful and that the Military Police were using unnecessary violence on the public.

Here are some pics of what is happening in Brazil ever since the the increase in the fares:

Brazilian Military Police on horseback


Tired of supporting this shit

I followed the news, saw the pictures and videos and was appalled with what I saw. What the hell is going on in Brazil? All this just because of 20 cents ???

I spoke with Thiago and and a couple of friends and learnt that this has snowballed into something beyond the 20 cents rise.

Brazilians are sick and tired of all the 'shit' that is going on in Brazil. The short video below (6 minutes) explains the Brazilian plight quite well. It was recorded and uploaded on 17 June 2013 (just 2 days ago) and has already generated 1.1 million views on Youtube:


This video saddened me. Having lived and worked in Brazil for almost 2 years, it was my home, for that short period of time. Brazil is a beautiful country, but there is no denying that there are so many things that are FUCKED UP about it.

So this is me spreading the word (and the pics and the video) in my efforts to support the 'Salad Uprising' ( in my small way. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Long Distance Relationship

Hey everyone! Meet Thiago!

Thiago is my boyfriend and we have been together every since July, 2012, which is close to one year now.

We are doing the long distance relationship since I have moved back to Malaysia from Brazil to grow my business.

We have been together for not very long (I don't consider one year long), but we have been through a lot. He was my pillar of strenght when I was all alone, away from family and close friends, after my father passed away in August 2012. He was always there for me, and everything that I needed him to be during those difficult times and something that I will never forget and will always be greatful for.

After I decided that I wanted to move back to Malaysia, Thiago and I had a loooooooooong chat. We want to be together, and I want to be based in Malaysia. So, he has decided to move to Malaysia to be with me by end 2014.

If this isn't love, I don't know what is :)

He has some commitments back in São Paulo, thus he cannot come over to Malaysia any sooner, so we have no choice but to do the dreaded Long Distance Relationship for some time.

I've done the Long Distance Relationship (LDR) twice before. Once when I was 18, when I went to Seattle to further my studies in Seattle University. I tried to do the LDR with my boyfriend who was back in Malaysia. And then my second LDR was with my american boyfriend, after I graduated from Seattle University in and moved back to KL.

I think the reason why those didn't work out was because we didn't have any future plans, but were doing the 'let's wait and see what happens' kinda thing. Ultimately, there was no commitment, and there were lots of distractions, so both LDRs ended within a year.

With Thiago, we planned to do the civil wedding in Brazil in June 2014. And then the kenduri in Malaysia when he relocates over in end 2014/ early 2015.

And the most important factor of all? I love him to bits and I want him by my side for the rest of my life.

I think that the distance is making me appreciate him even more. I think about him every day. I got invited to a couple of parties recently and one of the first few thoughts that entered my mind was - Thiago would love this! If only he were here :(

Last week, we didn't speak to each other for a span of 4 days due to his and my busy schedule, and also the friggin 11 hour difference between São Paulo and Kuala Lumpur. I missed him so much that it made me feel sad.

The strange thing is that I have lived all over the world and made so many new friends and at the same time, had to say goodbye to so many amazing people when it was time to leave. I've never felt this sense of longing for someone ever! I feel incomplete; it's almost as if I left a part of me in São Paulo with him.

We finally chatted over Skype on Sunday evening and I felt so much better. It was so good to see his face, hear his voice and (pretend) to laugh at his bad jokes :D

I'm taking this as a good sign. That I love him so much and can't wait to have him by my side again. We will have to do the LDR for about a year, but I have no doubt that our relationship will last the distance and our time apart.

When he is by my side again, that part of me that is missing would have returned to it's rightful place :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Liquido Fitness Wear to be Launched!

I have decided to relocate back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from São Paulo, Brazil to work on growing my business of Liquido's Beach and Fitness Wear. On 30th May 2013, I packed my bags, hugged all my friends and colleagues and bid a tearful farewell to my fiancee at the São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport. I then walked to my gate, and ultimately, flew out of Brazil - with plans to return in June 2014 for the FIFA World Cup 2014.

During my first week back, I had a meeting with one of the buyers of Zalora Malaysia, about the sales of my bikinis on their website. Based on past data, the most popular bikini that the Malaysian women seem to be buying is this design below:

It comes as no surprise as this is also one of my favourite pieces! This bikini is absolutely gorgeous and what makes it special is the gold chain-link detail on the bikini top and bottom.

The second most popular design is this:


Which is also no surprise as this design is lovely.

The friendly folk of Zalora and I spoke and we have decided to introduce Liquido's Fitness Wear onto the Zalora website within the coming weeks.

Liquido's Fitness wear uses fantastic materials; Lycra, Lycra Sport and other fabrics which are lightweight, dry-fit and protect the skin against harmful UV rays. They are not only durable and suitable for active sports, but also pretty damn STYLISH and COOL. The best part about all this? The pieces are reasonably priced too.

The gym culture is strong in Kuala Lumpur, and there are more and more people that want to look good while working out at their gyms. Heck, the Finance Manager in my company met his wife at the gym! According to him, he was admiring her butt and decided to ask her out. 12 months later, they were married. Lesson of this story? It wouldn't hurt to look good while you work out! Save that old cotton T-shirt for sleeping :P

The Liquido Fitness pieces are different from your typical work out attire as they not only ensure your comfort during your workout, but make sure you look great as well. Below are some of the pieces that will be sold on the Zalora Malaysia website within the coming weeks.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool leggings

Pants that are comfy, suitable for running, yet stylish

Love the mesh top
We have the leggings and the matching top

Pants that can be worn from the studio to the street
We think that this will be a hit. Come join the club of ladies who choose to look great while they exercise! I will definitely write a post on this blog when this collection is ready for sale on the Zalora Malaysia website. And also discuss the results 3 months after the launch. My fingers and toes are crossed and I'm hoping for the best :)