Saturday, 8 August 2015


It's been a while since I last wrote.

There have been some changes, the most major one being that I have made the decision to expand & carry more brands instead of just Liquido.

We have added Gylder Apparel to the list brands that we carry. Glyder Apparel is a brand from the USA which produces beautiful active wear for women, of great quality at a very competitive price. We are also negotiating with several other brands from the USA, Japan & Singapore and even talking to a very interesting company that produces under garments specifically for the active women!

Another significant change is that I decided to do a rebranding exercise and move from to a new domain, which is It didn't make sense to bring in new brands and offer them under the old site (, so this migration to a new online storefront under a new name ( happened very naturally.

Sales have been affected somewhat (because my customers can't find the new site!) so I'll have to keep on pushing the message that we are expanding and have moved.

This news been featured on several publications. Here's a decent piece that was published by The Malay Mail Online, one of Malaysia's leading online news portals:

So, here's to new heights & challenges!

Thanks for reading. xoxo!