Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Discover The Perfect Bikini For Your Body Type

I've been asked by a LOT of people to write a post on how to choose the right bikini to suit your body type.

I've been procrastinating on this for the longest time because to a certain extent, I believe that most women are aware of their bodies and would know what looks good on themselves. Right?

That said, an article was published in the Liquido catalog (available for distribution in Brazil only) which features advice from Gustavo Sarti, Fashion Consultant of Rede Records. He appeared in ´Top Model, O Reality' which is a Brazilian reality TV series adaptation of Tyra Bank's American's Top Model.  

The full article is as shown below.

Being the awesome bikini tycoon that I am, I shall go over each section and translate the Portuguese text into English for you. As we go along, you can click on each photo to get a bigger view, so that you can better see the styles of bikinis which has been recommended for your body type.

And here we go!

Petite (short) women
Petite women should use striking bikini tops with vertical lines for emphasis. Bikini tops with colorful prints are good. For the bikini bottom, low waisted bottoms helps to elongate the body while thin straps (around the sides of the bikini bottom) help your legs to appear longer, which will give you a flattering silhouette. For ladies who are short and slim, do explore elements that add volume such as ruffles, sparkles and accessories. Stay away from hats, or big bags as they may appear to disproportionate your size.
Recommended bikinis from Liquido:

Narrow Hips
Woman with narrow have a great advantage. A bikini should help create a silhouette and for this, the effect should be to extend the hips and emphasize the top, to create the illusion of a long, lean waistline. Firstly, try and find a bikini top in bright, contrasting colors. The idea is to highlight your upper body, and this can include using bandeau tops. For the bottom, you should add volume to your sides. This can be done by having a bikini that ties at the sides or has metal accessories at the sides. Bikini bottoms with thick waistbands or vertical stripes in different colors are perfect.
Recommended bikinis from Liquido:

Flat chested
Flat chested women need to use bikinis that adds extra volume to the top part of your bodies, such as push up bikini tops. Ruffles, embroidery, fringes and generally any detailing on the bikini tops are important to increase the appearance of volume. Colorful prints, bright, and large floral themes also help. To achieve a bigger look, bikini straps with unique designs at the front can help to enhance the neckline and cleavage. 
Recommended bikinis from Liquido:

Big, Beautiful, Women (Heavyset)
Big beautiful women can use fashionable one piece swimsuits; a trendy, elegant piece for a chic look. A bikini is perfectly encouraged for those that are confident, at long as the top is supportive. For the bikini bottom, a conservative bottom is advised, one that flatters your bottom and strechy enough to avoid the dreaded muffin-top effect. 
The perfect fit is important. The bikini top and bottom should fit and hold well, as this will help to create a nice silhouette. It is not advisable to get a smaller size and be spilling at the sides. In terms of color, slightly darker shades are advisable, although it does not necessarily have to be black. You can try dark green, dark blue and even dark red. Avoid big, bright prints that will create the illusion of more volume.
Recommended swimwear from Liquido:

Tall Women
You lucky lot! The ideal bikinis for tall women are bandeau bikinis. Bandeau bikinis (without vertical prints) create an illusion of a horizontal line across the body, which can soften the appearance of your height. A low waisted bikini bottom can elongate the appearance of your midriff. Or you can mantain the appearance of the lenght of your midriff in a non low-waisted bikini. Tall women can use big sunhats and large beach bags without fear as they will look proportional against your height.
Recommended bikinis from Liquido:

Wide hips 
We have two tips for women with wide hips. Firstly, choose a bikin that neutralizes the volume of your hips and secondly try to attract attention to your upper body. To achieve this, invest in no-fuss bikini bottom that has no bows or ties at the sides. Also avoid brightly colored bikini bottoms, opt for darker or neutral shades. Go for bikini bottoms with thick waistbands that sit nicely on the hips, to avoid the 'muffin-top' effect. 
For the bikini top, glitzy tops with accessories and ruffles, made with colorful and loud prints are perfect. The top and bottom should match, but the spotlight of the bikini should be the bikini top. 
Recommended bikinis from Liquido:

Well Endowed (Busty) Women
Busty women need a supportive bikini top that can hold her lovely assets in place. In this instance, the ideal bikini is where the bikini top has thick bikini straps for extra hold and support, almost like a halter top. Choosing the right size is important. When a woman uses a size too small and allows spillage, she may appear heavyset. 
Please do not use a bikini top with push-ups. Women who are well endowed will no doubt have a  shapely upper body without needing the extra lift. We leave you with one essential rule - if you your upper body is well supported and in place, you will appear slimmer and feel more confident. 
Recommended bikinis from Liquido:

Slim Women
Slim women have proportional and balanced bodies and can wear any style without fear. Pay attention to the color of the bikinis, which should contrast against your skin tone to create a standout look. Look out for bikinis with metal detailing or shiny fabrics and seasonal prints. Just remember to maintain the proportion of your body by using a bikini set together. Even if you mix and match, ensure that it is the same style.
Recommended bikinis from Liquido:

I hope this has been helpful. If you still need help choosing the perfect bikini to match your body type, do set up an appointment to meet me at my showroom. I love helping clients find the perfect bikini and this should be good fun :) More information about setting up an appointment with me can be found *here*

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Friends of Liquido

My customers have been my biggest source of inspiration and they keep me going. Especially when I catch a glimpse of their postings on social media, in beautiful yoga poses, looking absolutely stunning in the Liquido leggings that they have purchased from me.

Below I am sharing with you some of my absolute favourite posts, from Friends of Liquido.

The photo above was taken at YogaOneThatIWant Studios. A cosy yoga studio filled with friendly yoga instructors and students, run by the lovely Atilia Haron (featured in the photo above, far left). Liquido's showroom is based here too :)
Purple floral leggings can be found *here*

Blue peacock leggings can be found *here*

Red tie dye leggings can be found *here*

Leopard leggings *here* & black + white zigzag leggings *here*

Neon disco leggings *here*

Thanks for the shares. You have no idea how happy I feel whenever I spot one of your photos on social media. Beautiful. Keep them coming!!!
Much love! xoxo

Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

I checked my blog today and realized that the last time I blogged was on 26th November 2013, just a couple of days after the Liquido Miss Bikini 2013 competition, which was on 23rd November.

Which means that I haven't blogged for 2 months!
Ugh - lazy me.

A lot of significant things have happened over the last couple of months, ever since June 2013.
In June 2013, I decided to relocate from Sao Paulo, Brazil back to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

From then till now, the following happened:
- Liquido in Malaysia has been growing steadily month by month
- I decided to quit my full time job and say goodbye to the corporate world to free up my time to grow my little business
- Thiago and I decided to get married in Brazil by October 2014 and he will relocate to Malaysia to be with me by November 2014.

So yeah - 2014 will be a very significant year for me on so many levels.

I remember a chat that I had with one of my Liquido Miss Bikini 2013 finalist, Iva Seow.

Iva is delightful and now that the competition is over, I suppose I can say that she was one of my favourites. She is beautiful, confident, a pleasure to be around with and basically just an awesome person. We were talking about the competition and she said that one of the reasons why she decided to join the Liquido Miss Bikini 2013 competition was because she read my blog and was inspired by me.

Like, wow.

I always knew that I have a decent grasp of the English language and can tell a story quite well, but to have someone that I genuinely like tell me that my blog has inspired them was pretty darn cool.

I guess it just goes to show that every little bit counts.

And I suppose what this has thought me is that I need to be true to myself - and not blog about superficial things that I think other people will like (such as restaurant reviews for example) because this is not what this blog is about and I will just be alienating my regular readers.

So, I will continue my random ramblings here, about my entrepreneurial journey; which includes empowering women - be it by feeling confident wearing a bikini that flatters their body OR feeling great in the gym by wearing awesome Liquido active wear which are funky yet comfortable.

I'll probably be ranting a lot about my wedding planning. About how a non-traditional Malay girl such as myself is trying to plan a non-traditional wedding here in Malaysia while trying to coordinate the wedding in Brazil, where my fiancee, Thiago is from.

Yeah... 2014 is gonna be one hella of a year.
Bring it on!