Friday, 25 October 2013

Liquido Miss Bikini Malaysia 2013 - Top 15

The past few weeks have been CRAZY - to say the least. Crazy in a good way.

Liquido, Brazil's most popular Beach & Fitness wear brand has recently debuted in Malaysia and is on a mission to find a Brand Ambassador here in Malaysia.

After months of promotions and 3 days of casting - we have narrowed our search to these 15 ladies.
12 out of these 15 women will be shortlisted to compete in the Grand Finale at The Pool, Jalan Ampang on 23 November 2013. They will be shortlisted based on 50% online votes and 50% judges votes.

In no particular order - I present to you the Top 15 shortlisted candidates of the Liquido Miss Bikini Malaysia 2013:

Carron is absolutely gorgeous and mentiones that she loves Liquido because Liquido is something different, which relates to both to fashion and fitness - which is SO her!

Elaine is a strong woman who gave up her stable job and stepped into the world of modelling, which is her passion. Through hard work and determination, she has won several local and international accolades for modelling.  In additional, she will be engaged in some charity programs, to leverage her modelling skills for the betterment of society.

Audrey Loke is our social media darling who has garnered over 800+ votes within the first 7 days of the online voting period. Audrey decided to join this competition because she wants to be a role model to show that inner beauty can be expressed on the outside, not just by how you look - but when you participate in charity and share your experience and knowledge with others. 

Mei Xian is the girl next door that you would love to hang out and grab a drink with. She is laid back, sweet, funny amd absolutely adorable. Of course it goes without saying that she is beautiful with a fit and admirable physique!

Jasmin is the tallest of them all and believes that every woman should be strong, independant and know what they want in life.

Wei Ni stands apart from the rest as her photoshoot was probably one of the most exciting. Her photos were strong, edgy and cool - just like her :)

Nicole is the sweetest contestant that we have in this competition. One look at the photo below and you are bound to go "Awww". Beneath this sweet exterior is a lady that wants to be Liquido's first ever Malaysian brand ambassador because she believes she is capable of convincing someone that they are beautiful and be able to give that person the confidence to believe in it. Nice! 

Cynthia is an auditor and decided to join this competition because she is more confident of her body than she has ever been. She want to show the world that it is possible to transform your own body if one puts their heart to it and hopefully encourage people with her personal fitness journey.

Sandra is a wonderfully fun, bubly lady with great, positive evergy. She hopes to inspire other women out there to practise a healthy lifesyle, stay positive and confident, be kind to others and be happy.

Iva is simply inspirational. Period. If you haven't seen her pre-casting YouTube video, you should do so now. Click *here*  She had us at 'Hello' :)

Deviyah is a beautiful woman. She stands tall, proud, speaks eloquently and oozes poise and confidence. We quote her "I want to give other women a chance to believe, dream and chase after their life goals. I want to be able to make that change in someone's life."Watch out world - she is a force to be reckoned with.

Yvonne loves the beach, sand and bikinis and believes that the essence of a woman is being confident and allowing your natural beauty to shine.

Summer, Summer. There is so much that we can say about this amazing young woman. She blew us away during the Q&A with the judges when she showed grace and maturity beyond her years. One of her life goals is to be one of the top models in Asia and we believe she is well on her way.

Of all the ladies that attended casting, Mocchi stands proud as our only petite model participating in this competition.She was initially nervous about participating due to her height (150 cm) but overcame her fear and took the plunge. What she lacks in height, she makes up in terms of enthusiasm, cuteness and knowing how to pose for the camera to highlight her best self.

And least but not least, Gillian. Gillian greeted everyone with a warm hug and was bursting with excited energy. She was excited to attend casting and we were excited to have her! In her interview. Gillian mentions "I believe that, in anything that we do, as long as we have the will, commitment and determination to do it, success will come in our way". It's impossible not to like Gillian :)

So there you have it folks. 15 amazingly confident, admirable woman - all out on a personal mission to advocate that a confident woman is a beautiful woman.

12 out of these 15 women will be shortlisted to compete in the Grand Finale at The Pool, Jalan Ampang on 23 November 2013. They will be shortlisted based on 50% online votes and 50% judges votes.

If you haven't voted for your favourite girl yet, you may do so by 'Liking' their photo on the Liquido Malaysia Facebook page. Please follow this link here *to vote*

Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hello everyone!
Meet Mocchi!

Mocchi will be participating in the Liquido Malaysia Miss Bikini 2013 competition. 

I first got to know about Mocchi through a common friend. She mentioned that Mocchi is a 'petite model'. I remember thinking, 'What is a petite model'?

I had the privilege of meeting this lady in person at the Liquido showroom on Thursday. When I first laid eyes on her, I completely understood why she was considered a 'petite model'.

Mocchi is 150cm tall and weighs 34kg.

 She's tiny! :)

I found out that Mocchi was initially nervous about applying because she felt that she wasn't tall enough. However, after encouragement from friends, she decided to take on the challenge and submitted her application. 

In her application, she stated the following; 

"I hope that I can bring a unique look to represent Liquido Malaysia as the brand ambassador because I'm not extremely "model looking". I wish to share a message with the audience that every simple girl can be the next Liquido Malaysia Miss Bikini if they have confidence"


I salute Mocchi for her bravery. Chances are, she may be the most petite lady in the competition, but she has decided to not let herself be intimidated.

She rocks.

I wish Mocchi the very best in the competition!