Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Liquido Miss Bikini 2013

Every time I find myself talking about the Liquido Miss Bikini 2013 competition, I find myself tearing up and my voice breaking with pride.

Pride for the girls. Pride for the team. Pride for how far we came and what we accomplished. And pride for throwing one of the funnest Brazilian Bikini Sunset Pool parties for 2013! I bet that the whole crew from Threes & Tees can endorse this! (just check out their album on FB - they had a smashing great time)

It's hard not to crack up when I see pictures like this:

Or these:

Hahahah. What a night. What a night.

Before I even begin, I would like to thank the following people:
  1. Andy Kho for deciding to come along on this crazy journey with me... and what a journey it was! I don't know what what his best moment, but my best moment for him when he was on stage and everyone was cheering for him. I felt pride & joy. He deserves recognition after all the hard work and dedication that he put into this project. And his photos of the girls were simply STUNNING! I am very impressed and humbled by the person that Andy is. Cool, friendly, patient, down to earth... despite his fame and talent. Thank for you your faith and coming along on this journey with me. It was a wild ride and I look forward to more collaborations with you :)
  2. Faisal Lee for being the best friend that a girl could ever have throughout this whole experience. Some of the best experiences in life are the ones shared with others and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to share this with him :)
  3. Inbaraj for planting this idea. None of this would have been remotely possible if it wans't for that idea...
  4. My partner Chua for his constant encouragement
  5. Adrian J & Angela for being such sexy, fun and gracious hosts
  6. Eugenie Chan for agreeing to become the Event Coordinator while juggling her PR job at the same time
  7.  My friends for helping out as CREW on the night; Seow, Sunny & Deepti
  8. Andy's assistants & friends; Spiel Chow, John K. & Michelle Loh
  9. The Pixaworks girls: Neesa & Jean
 A special thank you to all the sponsors:
  1. Sally Hansen
  2. Biotherm
  3. Living Social
  4. Zalora
  5. CherryCo Wax & Beauty Parlor
  6. Peak Physique Health & Fitness
  7. Threes & Tees
  8. Make Art Academy
  9. Gregs Videos
  10. The Pool
 And most importantly, thank you to the girls that participated. You have inspired me to keep on going and continuing on this journey.