Saturday, 27 December 2014

Own Your Body

My bikini stocks were one big mess after #Ohhsome Fest and the Christmas Promotion, where shoppers get one FREE bikini with every purchase of 2 leggings from my website. After #Ohhsome Fest, I pretty much dumped all my stocks into a corner & was procrastinating sorting them out.. until yesterday. 

So as I was sorting out the bikinis by model and size, one thing was very apparent to me. I am almost out of all Small & Medium sizes for all models, but the Large sizes are barely moving. And that got me irritated. REALLY IRRITATED.

Did I miss a memo where voluptuous women have been BANNED from wearing bikinis? Is the Asian sense of beauty and what is acceptable so WARPED that only skinny women are allowed to show off their bodies? OR, are women so self conscious and lack the self confidence to believe that they have an awesome body and to wear a bikini proudly, regardless of their shape and size?

Whatever, it is, it's pretty darn irritating. And sad.

Let's put things into perspective, shall we.

I'm a size Large when it comes to Liquido Bikinis. Yes, really.

Above is one of my favourite photos of myself in a bikini, taken by photographer extraordinaire, Andy Kho. On some level, I do believe that I am beautiful and I am not self conscious in a bikini. Because of how I feel about myself and the confidence that I exude, other people believe it too :)

Let's look at some of the biggest stars in showbiz. 

Beyonce is big and beautiful and has been voted as the celebrity with the best body by the women in UK. 

I'm not a big fan of Kim Kardashian, but you're lying if you can take one look at that photo and tell me that she is not gorgeous. Kim is not a size zero. And she oozes sex appeal in that photo.

Let's look at some of the Instagram superstars. Recently, I started following Jen Selter on Instagram.

Jen Selter is not a size zero. She is fit, she has curves at all the right places and she has 5 million instagram followers. 5 MILLION.

Get with the times, people!!! Do you still think you need to be skinny to wear a bikini? It's not about being skinny, it's how you feel about your own body and how you OWN THAT BIKINI!

Sorting out the bikinis and getting annoyed reminded me why I got into this in the first place - to push a message that all women should be proud of their bodies, regardless of your shape and size. Because at the end of the day, what matters most is how you feel about yourself. And if you believe that you are beautiful, that confidence will radiate and you will shine.

I guess since I'm preaching this stuff, I should be the first person out there, confidently wearing the tiniest Brazilian bikini that I carry. And I'll do just that. Haha! 

Can one person change a culture? The warped perception that being beautiful is all about being slim and fair and if you are anything but that, you shouldn't be in a bikini because you don't fit the stereotypical cookie cutter perception of Asian beauty?

Beauty is in everything and everyone. You just need to believe and own it.

Time to round up the PR crew for a brainstorm. It's time to change things up :)

Friday, 5 December 2014

Share Love And Light This Christmas With Liquido Leggings

From the fashion district of Sao Paulo, Brazil comes Liquido, inspired by the bold and colourful beach and fitness culture in Brazil. 

This Christmas, Liquido is releasing 2 new leggings, which prints are influenced by the love & sharing of the season. The prints are inspired by the beautiful patterns and colours formed when light enters a kaleidoscope.  

As Christmas is the season for giving and sharing, why not pick up a pair of these beautiful leggings for your sisters, mother or friends to share the beauty and joy of the season. This will also incentivise them to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the upcoming year!

Ranked Top 5 By ESPN, Liquido has been reviewed as being “A Brazillian Company known for its funky patterns. Each print is limited. Their leggings and capris are durable, comfortable, supportive and stylish.”

Available in hues of pink, blue, green and grey, these leggings will be a sure hit with your fashionably fit mates. 

At RM250.00 (USD75.00) per pair, leggings are available for sale through
The website ships internationally at discounted shipping rates of just USD3.00 per piece worldwide. Free shipping for orders within Malaysia for all payment made with Maybank2u.