Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hello everyone!
Meet Mocchi!

Mocchi will be participating in the Liquido Malaysia Miss Bikini 2013 competition. 

I first got to know about Mocchi through a common friend. She mentioned that Mocchi is a 'petite model'. I remember thinking, 'What is a petite model'?

I had the privilege of meeting this lady in person at the Liquido showroom on Thursday. When I first laid eyes on her, I completely understood why she was considered a 'petite model'.

Mocchi is 150cm tall and weighs 34kg.

 She's tiny! :)

I found out that Mocchi was initially nervous about applying because she felt that she wasn't tall enough. However, after encouragement from friends, she decided to take on the challenge and submitted her application. 

In her application, she stated the following; 

"I hope that I can bring a unique look to represent Liquido Malaysia as the brand ambassador because I'm not extremely "model looking". I wish to share a message with the audience that every simple girl can be the next Liquido Malaysia Miss Bikini if they have confidence"


I salute Mocchi for her bravery. Chances are, she may be the most petite lady in the competition, but she has decided to not let herself be intimidated.

She rocks.

I wish Mocchi the very best in the competition!

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