Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Shopping Galore!


Today I headed over to the Liquido HQ in São Paulo, Brazil to purchase more stocks. We have plans to start selling in Langkawi, Malaysia, so it was time to stock up.

The Liquido HQ is located in the so-called fashion district of São Paulo, where a lot of clothing wholesalers and retailers are located. The picture below shows the unassuming entrance of the Liquido HQ.

Not too exciting from the outside
Like most pleasant surprises in life, what lies inside was nicer than what could be seen from the outside. This is what greets you as you make your way torwards the offices of the sales and marketing team.

And here's the waiting area with the Liquido 'Hall of Fame'. These are basically framed up magazine covers of some of their past and present catalogs.

I had a brief chat with their marketing team and we made our way to their warehouse. In respect of their privacy and security, I will not post any photos of their warehouse, but imagine this...

Rows, and rows and rows of shelves containing boxes of bikinis in every cut, color, style and fabric you can imagine. The International Marketing Manager and I spent 6 hours looking through them - and we still aren't done with our shopping!

My main concern was choosing the right cut that will be suitable for the Malaysian market. The 'fio dental' style which is popular in Rio de Janeiro will be totally unacceptable in Malaysia (see picture below).
'Fio dental' bikini bottom

So we looked through the pieces and choose styles that were a bit more conservative that covered more of the body. Probably the sexiest cut (in reference to the bikini bottoms) that I will bring into Malaysia will be something like the picture below. Which is acceptable by Malaysian standards and still smoking hot! (Well, in my humble opinion, at least!) 

As mentioned above, there were so many styles that after 6 hours, we weren't even finished with our bikini shopping. I'll have to come back another day to wrap-up the bikinis and to also look through their beach wear (wraps, skirts, dresses, etc) and also their fitness wear.

Not that I'm complaining. Which woman doesn't like to shop? :D

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