Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Experience as a Seller on Zalora

I have been selling Liquido Beach & Fitness Wear on Zalora ever since January 2013.
So far, I have found my interactions with them quite professional and their services satisfactory.

I was introduced to a contact within Zalora by the awesome folks of Futsalworks. Futsalworks is an online store selling everything futsal related. It is run by 2 friends who are passionate about the sport. We met in São Paulo when they were in town to meet with their Brazilian vendors.

Back to Zalora. My first meeting with them was back in August 2012, where I presented Liquido Beach & Fitness Wear to them and we discussed the terms (margins, payment terms, etc) After a couple of weeks of back and forth negotiations, we settled on some terms that were agreeable to both parties.

I'm quite impressed by how they displayed my products on their site. They hired a model to wear my products as they did the photoshoot. Some of the bikin designs came in more than one color and they took pictures of all the colors. Zalora beared the cost to hire the model and the photographer and I was not charged for this service.
Liquido Chain-Link Design, available in 4 Colors - Red, Blue, Black & Teal
Let's take my best selling design, for example. The Liquido Chain-Link design that you see above comes in 4 colors. The model wore all the colors and pictures were taken from 5 different angles. All the pictures (of the different colors and angles) were them uploaded onto their website, for customers to view. You may view the pages here.

At the begining of each month, the zalora sales team will send me a report of the previous month's sales via email. I will check the figures and send them an invoice. And then I get paid based on our agreed payment terms.

One can expect to receive the sales report by the 5th or 6th of the month. If you don't receive your sales report, you can just drop them an email and they will usually respond within 24 hours. No complaints there.

They are also good paymasters, so no complaints there either! :)

Overall, I am quite happy to be selling Liquido through zalora. The only problem I am facing is that my sales are not as spectacular as I was hoping. I guess I was naive enough to believe that once I had my products online, potential customers will magically pop out of nowhere and start buying.

Not the case! It dawned on me that no random person would actually go to Google and search for 'Liquido Beach & Fitness Wear' if they don't even know that we exist. I'll need to do a lot, a lot, a LOT of marketing. 

I'll have to start getting creative and work HARD. I am a small startup with minimum capital, so it's not as if I have the luxury of throwing a lot of money into a nationwide marketing campaign.

Well... That's the fun part, I guess. If this were easy, there would be so many Brazilian Bikini Tycoons in Malaysia already :)

If you readers have any tips for me, please share them in the comment boxes below. Any feedback/ tips/ advice will be very much appreciated!


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  2. Hi! I am also planning to join zalora as a seller and your blog is really helpful for me as I don't have any idea what to expect in our upcoming meeting. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. I do have a lot of questions and I'm also new in this business. I would love to hear more from you!

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    I work for an Indian brand dealing with women's clothing and accessories, and kids wear. I want to go forward with Zalora. Can you please help us on how can we go further, because we were trying so much from last few months but was unable to get any lead. Please let me know any lead to go forward with it.

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  5. I want to list my brand on Zalora. Any lead will help a lot.