Sunday, 1 April 2018



Saw this today and I couldn't help but to giggle:

To all the entrepreneurs out there, is this right, or is this right? 😅

Woke up this morning feeling exceptionally shitty.

I think what's getting to me is the fact that being a solopreneur means that I am spending long periods of time by myself in my room, completely alone and staring at a computer screen for hours and hours at a time. For an extrovert which enjoy being around people, this is extremely depressing.

Don't get me wrong.

I love my business. I love Fit Rebel. I love designing, creating beautiful sportwear, exercising in them and sharing them with the world.

It's just that one of the realities of being a solopreneur is isolation and it is starting to effect me negatively.

Have been considering what I can do to break the monotony of my solo working arrangement.

Of all the things that popped up in my mind, teaching part-time seems to appeal to me the most.

I was invited as a guest speaker at KDU University College in July 2017 and I loved the session I had with the students. Then in December 2017 I was invited to present to the students of University of Southampton (Malaysia Campus) and I really enjoyed the experience as well.

I wonder if I can be a part-time lecturer at a university, teaching entrepreneurial related subjects. It only makes sense for people like me to be part-time lecturers as we are busy being full time entrepreneurs, right?

How does one go about something like this? Anybody want to hire me? 😁

Jokes aside, my background and experience is 100% relevant. I'm a graduate from Manchester Business School's Full time MBA program. I wrote a book about my entrepreneurship journey which became a national bestseller and I AM an entrepreneur.

*Scratches head*

Gotta figure this out.


  1. Yeah, the best option is networking. Get out there and see who else is writing.

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