Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Brazilian Intense Pulsed Light (permanent hair removal at the pubic region)

I've been doing Brazilian waxing ever since I was 21.

Honestly speaking, I don't find it painful, but then again I do have a high treshold for pain.

The holy bible of fashion (and all woman related matters), Cosmopolitan list down a few things that women can do to make their waxing session a more bearable:

Fun, helpful stuff for all women!

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I learnt that there is a beauty theraphy that women can undergo to 'lazer' off all the hair around our pubic region. It's called the 'Brazilian Intense Pulsed Light' or Brazilian IPL, for short. The idea behind the Brazilian IPL is to get rid of the hair around your pubic region... FOREVER!

I was intrigued. Brazilian IPL? I've done IPL for the underarms before, but this is something else!

Curiosity got the better of me, so I headed to the newly opened Beauty & Personal Care Spa, CherryCo to check out what this Brazilian IPL is all about.

Before I get into the details of the actual treatment itself, I HAVE to talk about the spa, because it's lovely!

CherryCo's decor is bright, inviting and there's candy everywhere. And the best part is that the candy is not entirely meant for decor, but can be eaten too. The receptionist handed me a handful of colorful mini marshmallows just before my treatment and said, "Just munch on them during your treatment, you won't feel a thing!" :)

Their treatment rooms are every bit as lovely as the reception area, below is a photo of one of them:

I had a long chat with the owner of CherryCo, about what to expect from my treatment.

To summarize my chat, an intense pulse of light will be shone on the bulb (roots) of hairs, killing them instantly. Since hair grows at different times, you will need to wait for 28 days until new hair grows and then have another session to get rid of those hairs. For IPL treatments, an average of 8–10 treatments are required to remove most visible hair.

So the picture below shows the machine used for the IPL

And the Intense Pulsed Light comes from this handheld device here...

Since the IPL produces some heat that may sting, a cold roller (see the picture below) is placed on your skin for a few seconds before IPL, to numb the area. So when the IPL is shone, you will not feel a thing.(The roller in the picture below is wet because it was being washed)

The whole process took 10 minutes.
It was completely different from a Brazilian wax. For those that have done the IPL for your underarms before, it was something like that, with an extra process (the pressing of the cold roller against your skin).

One of the taglines for CherryCo is 'The only hair you need is on your head', and their website ( proudly displays this picture to emphasize.

CherryCo is having a 50% promotion on their IPL treatments. Their current promotion is as follows:

1) Upperlip ( 2 years Unlimited) RM380
2) Underarms ( 2 Years Unlimited) RM700
3) Lowerlegs ( 2 years Unlimited) RM2300
4) Brazilian ( 1 Year Unlimited) RM2000

Shop around and you will realize that these are the best prices in town !!!
This promo is valid until 16 September 2013. 

For those that may be interested, CherryCo details can be found here:
Twitter : @ch3rryco
Instagram : @ch3rryco
Facebook :

This is my first treatment and I will be writing about the progress of my IPL here, so stay tuned.


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