Sunday, 30 June 2013

Reverse Retail Theraphy in Langkawi

This weekend I headed to Langkawi for some 'reverse retail theraphy'.

Instead of BUYING something from retail, my business partner and I sought out to SELL something to these retail stores.

More specifically, we visited every 5-star and 6-star resort in Langkawi. We headed to the gift store or boutique of these hotel lobbies, with some bikini samples to show, and discussed the possibility and their interest in carrying Liquido bikinis in their store.

We visited about 6 resorts. The resort with the most jaw dropping factor has got to be Four Seasons Langkawi, cuz the hotel was stunningly beautiful.

Anything I say or write will never do justice to how stunning the place way, so I will let the pictures do the talking.

The front entrance

The view as you enter

First Courtyard

The torches and coal will be lit up once darkness falls

Heading towards the reception

Front desk and check in

I feel like I'm in a mediterranean palace!

Once past the reception and check-in counter, you will reach the hotel grounds which (again) looks like part of an incredibly wealthy, mediterranean Sultan's palace.

Reception Area

Also part of the reception area

The gift store which will be a prefect place for Liquido Bikinis!
The hotel gardens just before the beach

View of the main building from the gardens

One of the many courtyards

Off to the beach we go!

Private dining for two
The picture above is interesting. You can make special arrangements to have a private dinner for 2 on the beach. The price per person is RM650++. For that price, you get a personal, private, full-service crew (Waiter, Chef & Assistant) and an extensive menu which includes lobster.

Below are the pictures of the breath takingly beautiful beach of the Four Seasons Langkawi, which faces the Andaman Sea.

Close to the spot of the private dinner for 2 is a private BBQ pit. This BBQ is part of the dinner for 2. After your dinner, you are ushered to the BBQ pit, where you will be served hot drinks and given marshmallows to cook, while you and your partner chat/ cuddle and enjoy your time together, facing the Andaman sea.

Private BBQ for two
It was quite impressive. Chua and I discussed if RM650++ per person was worth the experience of dinner on the beach with a full service crew and the exceptional menu. I came down to the conclusion that it probably was... Heck, if you could afford it, why not.

Below is a picture of me. I look drunk... probably drunk off the beauty of my surroundings!
Happy Nadz :)
We decided to just spend more time walking along the beach and soaking up our surroundings.

The sand and sea between my toes

Hotel dining
 We stumbled upon the adult pool area...

It had an infinity pool which faces the sea...

 So we decided to stay for a bit and watch the sunset..

One word. GORGEOUS!

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