Monday, 10 June 2013

Liquido Fitness Wear to be Launched!

I have decided to relocate back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from São Paulo, Brazil to work on growing my business of Liquido's Beach and Fitness Wear. On 30th May 2013, I packed my bags, hugged all my friends and colleagues and bid a tearful farewell to my fiancee at the São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport. I then walked to my gate, and ultimately, flew out of Brazil - with plans to return in June 2014 for the FIFA World Cup 2014.

During my first week back, I had a meeting with one of the buyers of Zalora Malaysia, about the sales of my bikinis on their website. Based on past data, the most popular bikini that the Malaysian women seem to be buying is this design below:

It comes as no surprise as this is also one of my favourite pieces! This bikini is absolutely gorgeous and what makes it special is the gold chain-link detail on the bikini top and bottom.

The second most popular design is this:


Which is also no surprise as this design is lovely.

The friendly folk of Zalora and I spoke and we have decided to introduce Liquido's Fitness Wear onto the Zalora website within the coming weeks.

Liquido's Fitness wear uses fantastic materials; Lycra, Lycra Sport and other fabrics which are lightweight, dry-fit and protect the skin against harmful UV rays. They are not only durable and suitable for active sports, but also pretty damn STYLISH and COOL. The best part about all this? The pieces are reasonably priced too.

The gym culture is strong in Kuala Lumpur, and there are more and more people that want to look good while working out at their gyms. Heck, the Finance Manager in my company met his wife at the gym! According to him, he was admiring her butt and decided to ask her out. 12 months later, they were married. Lesson of this story? It wouldn't hurt to look good while you work out! Save that old cotton T-shirt for sleeping :P

The Liquido Fitness pieces are different from your typical work out attire as they not only ensure your comfort during your workout, but make sure you look great as well. Below are some of the pieces that will be sold on the Zalora Malaysia website within the coming weeks.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool leggings

Pants that are comfy, suitable for running, yet stylish

Love the mesh top
We have the leggings and the matching top

Pants that can be worn from the studio to the street
We think that this will be a hit. Come join the club of ladies who choose to look great while they exercise! I will definitely write a post on this blog when this collection is ready for sale on the Zalora Malaysia website. And also discuss the results 3 months after the launch. My fingers and toes are crossed and I'm hoping for the best :)

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