Friday, 11 July 2014

Weekly 'Friends Of Liquido' post!

Time for our weekly dose of 'Friends of Liquido' from all around the world!

In this weekly posts, I share photos of friends and customers who have posted beautiful photos of themselves, in active poses in their Liquido gear.

This week, I discovered photographer Brian Crawford who produces art out of active photoshoots.  Check out some of his beautiful work below:

Breath taking, isn't it?

How does she do it?!?

Timing is everything in this photo. Brian must have taken a TON of photos before he managed to get this perfect shot, of the toes of both yogis, touching the sun. Simply beautiful.
Legging on the right can be found *here*

Our friends from Singapore say hello in this photo below :)

Leggings on the left can be found *here*
Leggings on the right can be found *here*

Our new print, the 'Alchemist' makes it's debut in our blog in this photo below :)
Leggings below can be found *here*

And below, our sisters in Australia greet us with their love, light and happiness :)

Butterfly leggings available *here*

Marble Aqua leggings available *here*

And finally, I end this post with an awesome quote by the beloved Cookie Monster

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