Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Back in the Liquido Headquarters

Among others, one of the purposes of my trip to Brazil was to pay a visit to the boss of Liquido and to check out their new collection.

So here I am finding myself back in the office that I have visited so many times in the past 2 years. (Wow. Has it really been 2 years already?!!)

Liquido wall which contains some of their magazine covers from 2001

Liquido Hall of fame. Fotos of the celebrities that they have worked with

Their warehouse which I have spent HOURS AND HOURS shopping and wondering which stocks to bring back to be introduced in Malaysia & Singapore. Most people have no clue of the amount of work that goes behind the scenes of running an online clothing store.

More shelves of their worldwide popular funky leggings

Of course all work and no play makes Nadia a really dull girl. Below are some photos which shows me at play :)

Did you know that Brazil is full of Italian immigrants? As a result, they have some really fantastic Italian restaurants and some of the best pizza outside Italy. Some Brazilians even swear that pizza in Sao Paulo is better than pizza in Italy. It's hard to refute - pizza in Sao Paulo is PRETTY FRIGGIN GOOD. The photo above was taken at a really chic Italian Restaurant, close to the centre of Sao Paulo. 

Biking at Ibirapuare Park on a sunny Sunday morning. Ibirapuara Park is beautiful. And biking through Sao Paulo on Sundays is delightful. 

Sunday afternoon BBQ!

Nom nom nom

Finally. Just wanted to share this photo because I thought it was ironic. This photo was taken the weekend before the World Cup 2014 started. The host cities were all busy preparing, which includes placing relevant signs to the football stadiums at the Metro (subway) stations. 

The poster above is a map of how to get to the football stadium by metro (subway). In the middle of this poster, you can see a small red sticker (obviously placed by a protestor) which reads 'Nao via ter Copa'. Translated from Portuguese to English, it means "There won't be a world cup".

Unless you have been living in a cave that has no internet access and you do not have access to cable tv or radio, you must be (at the very, very least) vaguely aware that a majority of the Brazilian population was against Brazil hosting the World Cup. 

This has been the most expensive World Cup ever, due to the fact that 12 cities are hosting this event. 12 different stadiums had to be either refurbished or totally built from scratch. 2 out of the 12 cities do not even have a local football team and the stadium will become a giant white elephant once the World Cup is over. All this when Brazil is lacking the basic necessities such as public schools, adequate public transportation and hospitals. 

Riots were going on until the DAY OF the World Cup.

Even though I never ran into any of the riots personally while I was there, you can sense the lack of excitement with most Brazilians. 

Well, this was during the first week of the World Cup. I flew back to Malaysia within the first week. Now that Brazilian football team has made it into the quarter finals, seems like Brazilians have forgotten that they were against the World Cup in the first place. 

Altho the Brazilian football team's performance has been fairly unimpressive, I am rooting for them. Most of us don't think that Brazil will win the World Cup this year, but there has been a lot of surprises, so you never know. 

I think the funniest comment to come out from the World Cup to date is "You are more likely to be bitten by Suarez than to be bitten by a shark". LOL ! According to this article published in The Metro, this is proven to be statistically true: http://metro.co.uk/2014/06/26/its-official-youre-more-likely-to-be-bitten-by-luis-suarez-than-a-shark-4776523/


And that's all for today folks! <3

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