Saturday, 8 February 2014

Friends of Liquido

My customers have been my biggest source of inspiration and they keep me going. Especially when I catch a glimpse of their postings on social media, in beautiful yoga poses, looking absolutely stunning in the Liquido leggings that they have purchased from me.

Below I am sharing with you some of my absolute favourite posts, from Friends of Liquido.

The photo above was taken at YogaOneThatIWant Studios. A cosy yoga studio filled with friendly yoga instructors and students, run by the lovely Atilia Haron (featured in the photo above, far left). Liquido's showroom is based here too :)
Purple floral leggings can be found *here*

Blue peacock leggings can be found *here*

Red tie dye leggings can be found *here*

Leopard leggings *here* & black + white zigzag leggings *here*

Neon disco leggings *here*

Thanks for the shares. You have no idea how happy I feel whenever I spot one of your photos on social media. Beautiful. Keep them coming!!!
Much love! xoxo

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