Friday, 6 June 2014

Travelling to the FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I will be travelling to São Paulo for a quick vacation and to catch the opening match of the World Cup 2014.

I was honestly feeling so lazy about the whole thing just yesterday (it's a frigging 24-hour journey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to São Paulo, Brazik) and plus - I HATE PACKING. One day I'm gonna be rich enough to not have to pack and just travel from one city to the next and buy everything I need when I arrived at my destination... Or hopefully in the near future, a bunch of smart people will invent a suitcase that can pack itself :D Haha.

Managed to get my lazy ass to prop open a suitcase and threw a bunch of random stuff in, which I think should be sufficient for my 7 days in São Paulo. 

I TOTALLY got lucky with the weather for this trip. It's winter in SP and got down to as low as 9 C last week. When I checked the weather for the entire week that I'll be in SP, I was pleasantly, pleasantly surprised:

Sunny with a highs of 33 C and lows of 20 C. The weather is perfecttttttttttt. Simply perfect! I already have plans to do the cyclofaixa and chill out at Ibirapuera Park tomorrow (Sunday).

A friend was surprised that is can get so warm in winter - São Paulo is like that. We get the occasional warm weeks during winter and sometimes we get the occasional chilly weeks during summer.

From the bits that I heard in the media and read on the local dailies, 'Folha de São Paulo', the city is one big mess. Well, São Paulo ALWAYS has been a mess, so I suppose nothing has changed much. The airports are not ready for the influx of tourist that is about to bombard the city, the stadiums are not ready, there are rumours that they have printed tickets for seats that do not exists and the São Paulo Metro (Subway) is on strike, yet again. Happy days.

I probably would't be surprised if I run into a couple of riots - and as a tourist myself this time round, I'll probably do what any tourist will do - TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS! Hah! And try to stay out of trouble, because I want to go back to Kuala Lumpur alive.

My friend Emmanuel posted this photo with a really cute caption yesterday "Even the bread is World Cup ready".

I can't wait to be there and to soak up the atmosphere. This trip is so random and spontaneous but such a great idea :) 

It occurred to me that there are actually people that read my random ramblings. I'll be in São Paulo from 7 - 13 June. If there are other travellers out there who will be making trips here and need advice about anything, feel free to drop me an email about your questions/ concerns/ queries here: I will only have access to my emails in WiFi zones, and will respond once a day. 

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