Thursday, 25 July 2013

Restocking, Part 2

It's time for re-stocking.

Back when I was still based in São Paulo, it was a matter of simply making a trip to the factory and browsing through the ROWS AND ROWS of shelves of beach & fitness wear that they have. I could feel the fabrics, and try out each and every single piece before I decide if I want to purchase them or not.

The last time I went to replenish stocks at the factory, I was accompanied by Liquido's Sales & Marketing Manager. We looked through EACH & EVERY SINGLE PIECE and it took us three whole days (8 hours each day). It was exhausting, but one of the most fun that I ever had :)

I've been thinking of heading to Singapore to grow my little business, so it's time to buy new pieces. I need to purchase bikinis and more fitness wear, especially the funky pants. I've been getting a lot of request for that, and I don't really have that many pieces with me now.

Liquido's funkypants for yoga, pilates, gym & dance

I had two alternatives. I either:
  1. Make a trip to Brazil to choose the pieces, OR
  2. Buy virtually
I dropped Liquido an email and they responded back with about 20 emails. Each email had 10 pictures attached, of their latest collection. Looking through the pictures, I was like 'oh boy... how the hell am I going to do this!'

Check out some of the pictures below:

Ok, so this looks kinda nice, but why is the picture so dark? And what's with that weird tape in the upper left corner of the picture?

This looks weird... the bikini bottom looks to big for the top...

Ok, this looks just sloppy!

Looks like I might have to make frequent trips back to Brazil instead....
In the meantime, my existing stocks are awesome, which you can browse and buy here

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