Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Working Lives: Rio de Janeiro

While surfing on the BBC website today, I came across this lovely article.

It's part of a BBC segment on Brazil, titled 'Brazil Direct - Going Beyond the Headlines'.

There were lots of articles, some interesting, some boring. There was a particular piece done; an insight into the lives of 6 different people living and working in Rio de Janeiro.

The people featured were the following:

A Doorman, Musician, Actress, Fashion Designer, Flight Attendant & Beach Seller

I watched all 6 of them, and my favourite was the doorman. He left his hometown in the Northeast of Brazil and headed to Rio at the tender age of 18 to find a decent job. He managed to find one as a doorman and has been working in the same apartment block for 55 years.

He earns USD 11,000 a year. Despite his humble lifestyle, his oldest son is now doing a postdoctoral fellowship in physics in the United States.


Please watch this video and read the article that follows. It's heartwarming and will bring a smile to your face.

Click on the picture below or click on this link here:

A doorman in Rio de Janeiro talks about his life

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