Thursday, 4 October 2012

First Post

Hello world and welcome to my life. 

Here's a quick introduction:
I'm a young working adult who has found herself thrown into the largest city in South America; São Paulo, Brazil.

I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

How I got from KL to São Paulo is a long story that I will tell you over a couple of beers someday. But for now, what is relevant is that I moved from KL to São Paulo in July 2011.

The story of my first 12 months in São Paulo was quite an adventure; and that too, I will tell you over a couple of beers during happy hour someday. 

Long story short, I now call São Paulo my home and am in a relationship with a wonderful Brazilian man.

And then in August 2012, my father (in Kuala Lumpur) passed away.

A friend once said that a significant event such as this (my father's death) is like a catalyst that can change the course of one's life.

My father was the most important person in my life and I loved him dearly. Just before he passed away, I told him that I was interested to import Brazilian bikinis to be sold in South East Asia, namely in countries like Singapore and in the beach resort areas of Thailand and Indonesia (Bali!). Dad was very supportive and he set up a company in my name to faciliate my business idea. And a few short weeks later, he passed on.

It almost seemed as if it were his dying wish for me to take on this business and fly with it. And I am going to do just that.

Over the course of the next 5 years, I intend to accomplish the following:
1. Export Brazilian bikinis to South East Asia and becomes Kuala Lumpur's first Brazilian bikini tycoon.
2. Grow my business so that I can quite my full time job and work on this instead.
3. I want to be close to my family back in KL, but I still and always will have a soft spot for Brazil, so I intend to grow my business so that I will have the option to travel and live in both countries.
4. Marry the man I love and build our life together.

So this blog will basically be about how I will build my export business between Brazil & South East Asia. I will also talk about life in São Paulo. And of course I will talk about Brazilian bikinis.

It starts now!

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